Fun With a Brush Pen

October 18, 2007

Brush Stuff

Bah, I should update or something. I truly love brush pens. Ink — digital or otherwise — is getting to be my favorite medium.


6 Responses to “Fun With a Brush Pen”

  1. Ron Bowman Says:

    Hey Vince. I lost your contact info. I got a job in London and wanted to meet up with you again before I go. Get my email address from and contact me as soon as you can. You can delete this message once you get it.

  2. Jackson Says:

    schweey dude!

  3. Mike W. Says:

    Well Vince, I think it’s time to post something. Go on, post something. I’m going to stand here and make sure you do it MR. Come on, make something already! Post damn you. Post I say! POST POST POST POST POST POST POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSST!

  4. vince Says:

    just a hello from another vince lee! really cool work! have a good chrimbo!

  5. ben mauro Says:

    Just found your link through mr. Schirle’s blog.
    excellent work very inspiring.

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