DIY Dentistry

January 31, 2007

New post. I’m resolute about being much more consistent in my postings with this new blog. More action scenes — this one doesn’t really make visual sense, unfortunately, but I learned a little about how not to make a punch read. I like each panel individually, but they don’t work so hot together. Until next time — cheers!


P.S. Going to bed in a second, but thought I’d put this paintsketch (that a word?). It’s for the Flight forum’s “Blue” challenge. I think the idea of a pretty young girl being depressed amidst ridiculous opulence is kind of funny, offensive, and poignant all at the same time. Not that this is anything original, the Victorians beat me to this hundreds of years ago. So stop it already, you big Victorian crybaby.


One Response to “DIY Dentistry”

  1. &Rew. Says:

    i really like these little sketches – the green action scene. you’re right – it doesn’t really work… unless in the **new** inbetween panel – she’s spun his head around entirely.. or maybe she’s… .er…. you’re totally right.

    mind bending but cool lookin


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